Friendship Day Gifts For Boys Under $25

Friendship Day is celebrated all across the globe on second Sunday of August. So, this year, it would be celebrated on August 2, 2015. The day is not far and there are chances that you have already started looking for Friendship Day Gifts If you are looking Friendship Day Gifts for Boy, you may consider some of the following Friendship Day Gifts.friendship day gifts

1. Google Chrome cast: $25

friendship day gifts

This small piece of technology is capable of streaming online videos, music and photos to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. It now supports a large number of apps which even include Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus. It works on all major platform like Windows. Android and Mac.

2. Blu-Ray version of his favorite movie: $20-$25

blu ray version of a movie


Boys love watching movies and specially action and sci-fi movies. If you are aware of his favorite movie, you can gift him a Blu-ray version of that movie. If you are not sure of the movie, you can go for movies like Interstellar, Fast and Furious 7, Avengers 2 etc.

3. Bow Tie: $23


bow tie

A Bow Tie makes a person look gentlemen and classic. If you are looking for a unique friendship day gifts, you can opt for branded Bow Tie. Bow Ties are available in many colors and you can go for any of those colors as per your choice.

4. Exercise Gloves: $20exercise gloves


Exercise is one of the most important parts of any boy’s life. Boys are crazy about gym and body building. Branded exercise glove is a perfect friendship day gift for boys. You can easily get them on Amazon and can order them from home.

5. Perfume: $15


If you thought that only girls like perfume and cologne, just gift a perfume to your male friend and check the reality. There are a large number of perfumes available in the market. You can choose any one depending on your budget.

Some more Friendship day Gift Below $25

If you are still struggling to find out that perfect friendship day gift for boys, you can also check out following friendship day gifts:

6. Selfie Stick: $15selfie stick

Clicking Selfie is a new trend nowadays and everyone loves clicking those perfect selfies. A selfie stick helps in clicking selfies when you have a more persons in the group or when you wish to include the background in the pic too. It will only cost you in between $15-$20 and is easily available online.

7. Mobile Case: $5-10


mobile caseA mobile case might seem a cheap gift but, it is special. Mobile phone is now considered as most important part of life and people keep it with themselves all the time. A mobile case will remind you friend about you whenever he will use it.

8. Arduino Board: $8arduino board

If your male friend loves making small DIY projects, this is the perfect gift for him. This board is used for making electronic projects. You can easily get one from under $10 only.

9. Wireless headphones: $20

Listening to music is a very common hobby and almost everyone likes it. If you are looking for a decent friendship day gift for boys, you can opt for wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are available in different price range and you can buy as per your budget.

10. Power Bank: $20 power bank

No matter how much development smartphone technology make, the issue with battery life is going to remain there. You can gift a powerful power bank to your male friend as a friendship day gift so that he remains in contact with you always.

This was all about some friendship day gifts for boys. Do let us know if you know of any other amazing gift.


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